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Resources for the Servant Leader

Toolkit Intro 1-4

The resources below offer a variety of different perceptions on the concept of servant leadership, its application, and how to build the necessary skills.



1. Robert Greenleaf’s Ten Principles of Servant Leadership – Click Here


2. Nine Qualities of the Servant Leadership – Click Here


3. How to: Become a Servant Leadership – Click Here


4. Servant Leadership: Accepting and Maintaining the Call of Service – Click Here


5. Character and Servant Leadership: Ten Characteristics of Effective, Caring Leaders – Click Here


6. Servant Leadership: A Path to High Performance – Click Here


7. Best Practices in Servant Leadership – Click Here


8. Defining Servant Leadership and the Healthy Organization – Click Here


9. The Cross-Cultural Leader: The Application of Servant Leadership Theory in the International Context – Click Here