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Advisors to the Wealthy [Project Profile]

Advisors to the Wealthy was a Michigan philanthropic project which created resources for financial advisors working with clients interested in philanthropy.

Grantmaker/Grantseeker Conferences [Project Profile]

The Grantmaker/Grantseeker Conferences promoted collaboration and respect between grantmakers and grantseekers across the state of Michigan.

Legal Definition of Community Foundation [Project Profile]

The Council of Michigan Foundations developed a formal and operational community foundation definition to help regulate who received a tax credit.

Michigan Community Foundations’ Computer Project [Project Profile]

The Michigan Community Foundations' Computer Project developed a computer system that met the needs of both small and large community foundations.

Michigan Nonprofit Caucus [Project Profile]

The Michigan Nonprofit Caucus is a bipartisan, bicameral space where lawmakers work on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the nonprofit sector.