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Community Foundation Energy Initiative [Project Profile]

The Community Foundation Energy Initiative was the first public-private partnership between the State of Michigan and community foundations as a way to handle the distribution of Exxon payout.

ConnectMichigan Alliance [Project Profile]

ConnectMichigan Alliance created a permanent endowment to support and promote volunteerism.

Great Lakes Community Foundation Environmental Collaborative [Project Profile]

Through the Great Lakes Environmental Collaborative, a group of community foundations created environmental funds to protect the Great Lakes.

Healthy Youth, Healthy Seniors [Project Profile]

Healthy Youth, Healthy Seniors distributed tobacco settlement funds given to the Council of Michigan Foundations, establishing permanent endowments for health-related programs.

Homelessness Prevention Challenge Grant Program [Project Profile]

The Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) partnered with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority to enhance homelessness prevention services.

Michigan Community Foundations’ Youth Project [Project Profile]

The Michigan Community Foundations’ Youth Project was launched as a challenge grant program between the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and CMF to increase community foundation capacity and engage youth grantmakers.

Volunteer Centers of Michigan [Project Profile]

Volunteer Centers of Michigan strengthens existing volunteer centers, provides leadership in developing new centers, and promotes volunteerism statewide.