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Our State of Generosity (OSoG) provides an in-depth view of Michigan’s philanthropic, voluntary, and nonprofit infrastructure. In order to be transparent, our four OSoG Partners – the Council of Michigan Foundations, the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, the Michigan Community Service Commission, and the Michigan Nonprofit Association – have shared their historical documents to help tell the story of OSoG. Key documents from these organizations have been scanned, organized, and virtually preserved for future learning and research. Each year, our database will grow as these organizations release additional documentation – and as our research continues.

Historical Documents Embedded in Our State of Generosity

Historical documents are embedded in relevant locations throughout Our State of Generosity‘s core chapters. You will come across these historical documents as you read through the Chapters, Project Profiles, and Leader Profiles.

GVSU Library and Archives

We want to thank the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Library and Archives for their support and encouragement in building Our State of Generosity‘s database. All historical documents for OSoG will be stored and maintained by GVSU’s Library and Archives. The unedited versions of both the transcripts and video/audio interviews will also be available on-site at the library for researchers.

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