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Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC)

MCSC Timeline

About the Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC)

Organized in 1991 in conjunction with national legislation forming the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Michigan Community Service Commission  (MCSC) utilizes service as a strategy to address the state’s most pressing issues and empowers volunteers to strengthen communities. More than 2.2 million residents volunteer each year in Michigan. This includes approximately 1,000 individuals who annually commit their lives to national service through AmeriCorps.

In addition to administering Michigan’s AmeriCorps, MCSC also promotes service through its other signature programs, Mentor Michigan, Volunteer Michigan, and the Governor’s Service Awards. Previous programs in its 20-year history have included the Volunteer Generation Fund, and Learn and Serve – America.

The Michigan Community Service Commission provides financial support to national service programs, as well as school, faith-based or community-led projects as part of national days of service. Support also is provided in partnership with the Michigan Nonprofit Association and the Council of Michigan Foundations.

The Michigan Community Service Commission is one of the four founding organizations that are at the heart of the story of Our State of Generosity.

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