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Project Profile:

Michigan Nonprofit Council for Charitable Trusts

A project of the Michigan Nonprofit Association

council for charitable trusts

Project Timeline:

January 2004 to Present

Locations Impacted:

State of Michigan

Collaborating Organizations

Office of Attorney General, Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF)

About the Project

The Nonprofit Council for Charitable Trusts was formed in January 2004 by the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) and the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) to provide expertise on specifics related to philanthropy and guidance about nonprofits to the attorney general. The council acts as a communication liaison to the attorney general on issues related to charities and charitable giving in Michigan. Additionally, the council serves to assist the attorney general in educating the public about charities and charitable giving, as well as in promoting the importance of accountability and efficiency within the sector through regulatory compliance and promotion of best practices.

Open communication between the attorney general and the general public about these issues leads to a stronger nonprofit sector, and thus, stronger Michigan communities.

The council’s first project was creating the Staying Legal MI website, which educates nonprofits about federal and state compliance laws. The second project was developing and publishing Giving Wisely, a brochure to help donors make educated giving decisions. The council also helped provide expertise and knowledge in revising the Charitable Organization and Solicitations Act, and in defining best practices within MNA.

For additional information visit the Michigan Nonprofit Council for Charitable Trusts website.

Key Accomplishments/Outcomes:


VideoVideo: Watch leaders discuss the relationship between Michigan’s nonprofit sector and the Office of the Attorney General:

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