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Kathryn (Kathy) Agard [Leader Profile]

Learn about Kathy Agard's 40-year career in Michigan philanthropy.

Dwight Burlingame [Leader Profile]

Dwight Burlingame, professor of philanthropic studies and the Glenn Family Chair in Philanthropy at the Lilly School of Philanthropy, is a thought leader in philanthropy scholarship worldwide.

John Hosking [Leader Profile]

John Hosking made a significant contribution to Michigan philanthropy. Find out more.

Dorothy A. Johnson [Leader Profile]

Learn about Dorothy A. Johnson's commitment to increasing the effectiveness of philanthropy and to building resources for Michigan and nation.

John Lore [Leader Profile]

Find out about John Lore's leadership in philanthropy at the Kellogg Foundation, the AFP, and the ConnectMichigan Alliance, and others.

Russell (Russ) Mawby [Leader Profile]

As head of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Russell Russ Mawby was a leader in the creation of all four OSoG partner organizations. Learn more.

Kari Pardoe [Leader Profile]

As director of The LEAGUE Michigan, Kari Pardoe harnessed her passion and help integrate youth into the field of philanthropy in Michigan.

Eugene (Gene) Tempel [Leader Profile]

Learn how Eugene (Gene) Tempel played an instrumental role in the creation and expansion of one of the leading academic centers on philanthropy.